And what a crooked line it’s been!

Welcome to my new adventure in life! I have a blog site, also on wordpress named which is the parent concept of this web page. There you will find my “rants” and also my “gallery” of drawings. That site, however, doesn’t sell anything… it presents ideas and images which I found interesting. I’ve had lot’s of viewers over the years… and here’s your chance to not only look over some of my favorite hobbies but purchase them for your home as well. You might, if you have time to indulge me, go to the above sight and look up the “rant” entitled “I have walked a very crooked line”… that title pretty much explains why you and I are here right now. If nothing else, enjoy the read… otherwise get out your credit card and GO BIG!

This is for Jim… you sir, always told me I should have a website… here’s to hoping you are up in heaven smiling down on me sir… thank you for your always friendly advice… and I will be with you soon… but not yet.